Reclamation of plastic waste, LDPE and plastic processing in Vittoria

The disposal of polyethylene waste represents an excessive cost for the economy of farms and greenhouses today. They tend to accumulate on a daily basis.
To solve this problem and ensure proper waste management, ILPAV collects this waste material using its own vehicles.
Once the material has been removed, the true work begins, which involves the initial packing and storage of the goods, until subsequent shredding and washing, and then obtaining the actual plastic granules that are ready to be used.

Eligible material

ILPAV in Ragusa transforms plastic waste material into amber, black or colored granules that are ideal for subsequent transformation into marketable products.

To start the process, the company needs to recover specific materials directly from a number of companies.

In particular, ILPAV does the following:
  • Removal of polyethylene waste directly from companies, using its own vehicles, in the province of Ragusa and neighboring areas
  • Retrieval of polyethylene tubes
  • Retrieval of polyethylene packagings
  • Retrieval of plastic packaging from various collection sites, managed by Corepla
Plastic recycling
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Come and discover our services at the Provincial Road, 18 in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa

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