Reconstituted LDPE granules produced from agricultural, industrial, separated plastic processing in the province of Ragusa

Companies that produce large quantities of plastic waste are subject to regulation and high cost for disposing such materials. This is where ILPAV in Vittoria (in the province of Ragusa) comes in. We offer a complete and accurate service paying attention to the finest of details. We also strive hard to protect the environment.
The Ragusan company focuses on industrial and commercial customers, who have a  wide range of plastic waste products.
ILPAV is implements specific recycled plastic waste regeneration processes, obtaining different types of granules depending on the product being processed:
  • LD-PE Agricultural
  • LD-PE from separated collections
  • LD-PE industrial
  • HD-PE
The regenerated granules produced by the long process of ILPAV transformation can take on different colors, that is, amber and black, depending on certain substrates that are inserted into the finished process.

We operate throughout Italy

ILPAV spa specializes in the regeneration of plastic materials and is based in the province of Ragusa. We serve a number of reputable companies throughout Northern Italy, specifically in Lombardy and Veneto.
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Find out more about what we have to offer, by calling 0932 988344

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