Recycle of plastic materials in the province of Ragusa

ILPAV is the ideal company to contact to permanently remove plastic waste material in the province of Ragusa and throughout Italy. You can be confident in our waste disposal service. We help protect the environment and enable you to reuse plastic by manufacturing all new products.

Separated LDPE Waste Collection

Agricultural LDPE

Industrially Neutral LDPE

From recovery to manufacturing

Once collected, the company transports the plastic material to its own premises using its own vehicles. They are then ready for the remanufacturing process.This procedure begins with the collection of all the goods recovered at special centers, in order to be compacted, packed and stored. This material is then subjected to a careful analysis and we eliminate all the materials that are not suitable for processing.

The remaining waste plastics are therefore then ready to be loaded onto conveyor belts in order to start the shredding and washing phase.The material obtained from this process is then directed to the dispensers. Here the extrusion phase is activated, from which the granules of plastic material are formed. When cooled, they are then stored in special silos.The amber, black or colored granules obtained from the regenerative process are then sold to manufacturers to be used later.

E-mail us at info@ilpav.itfor more information on our plastic regeneration service

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