Our respect for the Vittoria environment dates all the way back to 2004

ILPAV is a Ragusan company specializing in the regeneration of discarded plastic material in order to create new products that can be used again. The company also performs on-site collection of plastic waste.
Offering its services to a number of companies of various sizes and municipalities employing separated collection processes, the company has been able to extend its activity throughout the territory of the province of Ragusa. It now operates throughout the entire nation as well as a number of European states.
Proven experience, coupled with the strong development of the company itself in its use of state-of-the-art systems and machinery, has allowed the company to receive widespread acceptance from customers.

In order to ensure that its work is both complete and detailed, ILPAV has specific permits and certifications issued by the appropriate bodies. These make it possible for IPLAV to perform all of its work in full compliance with applicable laws, such as Certification UNI EN ISO 14001.
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Business certifications

ILPAV holds a number of certifications for operating in accordance with international standards UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management Systems.

In particular, the firm has:
1 - Certificate CERTIQUALITY ISO-14001-2004, IQNet Certificate ISO 14001-2004
2 - Certificate Certiquality UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, ISO Certiquality Certificate IQNet ISO 9001-2008
3 - Collection Permit RR RG 004 of 18-08-1998, Prolonged Authorization PROT. 029030 of 16.07.2013
4 - Transport Permit PA 000259-0S Cat. 4-D of 19-02-2014
5 - Cat 4-D and 2-Bis FD963CT and XA800FB vehicle integration.
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