Production of amber granules, black granules and recycled plastic in Vittoria

ILPAV Spa is a company in Vittoria in the province of Ragusa, highly specialized in the disposal of plastic waste to be transformed into granules that are then resold in the global market.

Founded in 1974, ILPAV Spa boasts experienced and professional staff, dedicated daily to the recovery of plastics of various kinds throughout Italy and Europe.
Proven experience from many years of operations, have enabled the company to refine the transformation techniques more and more, becoming a leader in the entire industry.
Thanks to its modern and state-of-the-art technology, ILPAV is able to protect the environment around us with original solutions.

The company's main goal is to create a clean world by reducing environmental impact, exploiting industrial and bulky waste as renewable resources that can be transformed into new, marketable products.

Recycled Granules

Vittoria's ILPAV company specializes in the recovery of plastic material for reworking and to be used for various types of granules and subsequently incorporated into the global market.

Predominantly two types of granules are obtained from the process: amber and black.
Recycled granules

Plastic recycling

ILPAV in Ragusan deals with the recycling of plastic material to make it reusable.
In particular, the company deals with a waste disposal service for plastic waste from greenhouses and companies of various sizes, as well as polyethylene waste, in the form of tubes and packaging, offering compensation to its partners.
ILPAV is also dedicated to the recovery of polystyrene and plastics from municipal waste collection.
Recycling, from picking up to final processing, is done by its own state-of-the-art, high quality vehicles.
Plastic recycling
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